Heat pumps are really the only option for people who desire a warm pool in the middle of winter or simply do not have the roof space for solar pool heating panels. Please note that the “up to” pool sizing value given for each pool heat model is based on summer time use with a 10°C to 15°C pool temperature increase. For middle-of-winter use the unit size will need to be increased.  Even though ITS pool heat pumps are incredibly efficient the electrical running cost can still be from a few hundred R/month in summer to a few thousand R/month in winter depending on the pool size and desired temperature.

If you simply want to get the most out of your pool for six to nine months of the year and you are not interested in swimming in the middle of winter, nothing comes close to a good quality solar pool heater. A Heliocol solar pool heating system can give you more than 20 years of maintenance free pool heating at zero running cost per month!

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On bigger and very frequently used pools, combining solar pool heating and a heat pump gives you the best of both worlds. The solar system will provide free energy from the sun while the heat pump will do the temperature top-up when required.