There are many different makes of solar pool heating panels on the market but there is nothing that even comes close to Heliocol. The key features include:


Heliocol is the most efficient solar pool heating system on the market to date, as it produces more heat per panel than any other system available.


Heliocol solar panels have a proven life expectancy of more than 20 years in South Africa.

Warranty Leadership

Heliocol’s extensive and unprecedented 10 year warranty protection has been serviced for more than 30 years in South Africa.

Space Saving

Compare to most other panels on the market, Heliocol only needs half the installation space for the same thermal output. In many cases Heliocol is the only option for a properly sized solar pool heating system for a given roof space.


Heliocol solar panels can be installed in almost any position as long as it has sun and the correct orientation.

Hail Resistance

Heliocol is the only SABS hail tested panel in South Africa.


Heliocol solar panels have been in continuous production since 1977 and there are more than 4000 residential and commercial installations in South Africa.


Heliocol is the only panel with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Heliocol is also NSF-50 listed, ensuring the safety and durability of our products when used in public or commercial swimming pools, spas and other recreational water facilities. Other certifications include the German Technological Institute and the Israeli Standards Institute.

Professional Design and Installation

Heliocol’s worldwide network of solar professionals assure you a quality, well-engineered and worry-free installation from start to finish.