The logical choice for swimming pool and industrial water processing systems.

Heliocol Panel Unique Features

Heliocol Unique Features

Over-Molding Injection Technology

One of a kind injection process connects 156 (5mm) riser tubes to the manifold header, creating a single polymer panel with no leaks.

Cylindric Shape

All parts are rounded, with no sharp angles, in order to avoid stress concentration or the risk of bursting at high pressure.


Provide added strength to the unit while preventing differential thermal expansion and distortion of the system.

Speciality Formulated Polymer Material

As tested in authorised laboratories, a unique polymer formula stabilises against sustained ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather and aging.

Spacer Bars

Prevent warping of the panel over time, as well as prevents abrasion of the riser tubes due to thermal expansion of the panel.

Modular Structure

Enables fast and firm connection between panels, creating any size absorption area over any type of roof imaginable.

Parts & Fittings

Every component of a Heliocol System is manufactured from the same polypropolene material used to produce a Heliocol collector. Unlike other solar pool heating systems, Heliocol doesn’t require metal clamps or rubber hoses, that will deteriorate eventualy with use or need tightening / adjustment each year, as part of its installation. Heliocol components require zero maintenace as the all-Polymer parts, create a simple connection between panels and standard plumbing pipes.

Heliocol Panel Fittings

Heliocol CPVC
Heliocol End Cap

Heliocol PPC Set Consists Of

Heliocol PPC Bottom
Heliocol O-Ring
Heliocol PPC Top
Heliocol PPC Latch and Lock

Dimensions & Design Parameters

Heliocol Dimensions & Design Parameters
Heliocol Panel Pressure vs Flow Rate

Chemical Resistance

The polymer, polypropylene material is highly durable against:

  • Corrosion & lime scaling.
  • Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, HCL and other swimming pool chemicals / disinfectants.
  • Salts & Sea Water.

Potable Water & Food Stuffs Contact Certification

Polypropylene is certified for use with potable water, as specified in the US standard NSF-61, German standard DVGW-W270, and for foodstuffs contact as specifies in the Swiss standard KsV-817041 and the British Standard SI2000-3162.

F.S.E.C. Performance Rating & Daily Output

F.S.E.C. Performance Rating & Daily Output

Heliocol Mechanical Stability

Heliocol Mechanical Stability

Heliocol Collector Efficiency Equation

Heliocol Collector Efficiency Graph & Equations. (tested by F.S.E.C. according to ASHRAE Standaard 96-1989)

η = 0.828 – 18.52 (Ti – Ta) / I
Units of (Ti – Ta) / I are [m2 °C / Watt] η = 0.828 – 3.26 (Ti – Ta)
Units of (Ti – Ta) / I are [hr – ft2 °F / BTU]

Heliocol Efficiency Graph

Standards & Certifications

Heliocol Certification Country and Logo
Heliocol Testing
Heliocol Bodycote Material Testing Canada