The below graph shows the typical temperatures that a pool with a properly sized Heliocol system can reach. It shows the increase in temperature for a pool with and without a thermal pool blanket.

Pool Temperature Usage Chart

The size of the system is calculated according to the size of the swimming pool, the placement of installation and the distance from the solar panels to the pump.

Below is a number of panels guide for a systems designed to give 6°C to 8°C pool temperature increase without a solar blanket and installed on a North facing pitched or flat roof. With a pool blanket the temperature increase can be up to 13°C.

Solar Pool Heating Panels Buying Guide Table

1. How many Heliocol panels do I need?

The general “rule of thumb” is that the total surface area of the solar panels must be at least half the surface area of the swimming pool. So if you for example have a pool that is 5m long and 3m wide the pool surface are is 5 x 3 = 15m2 . You will therefore need at least 15/2 = 7.5m2 of solar panels. The Heliocol HC40 panel has a surface area of 3.85m2 and so you will need 2 of these panels.

Please note that Heliocol panels have about double the number of riser pipes than most other panels on the market. You will therefore only need double the number of similar sized panels to get the same output power as the Heliocol panels.

2. Do I need a thermal pool blanket?

The thermal losses on the surface of a pool is significant and can drastically cool down the pool. This will get worst when even a slight cool breeze is blowing over the surface of the pool. The more the thermal loss the more panels you would need to try and maintain the desired temperature. It is therefore highly recommended to always use a thermal pool blanket to cover the pool when not in use. Even for indoor swimming pools this is important as the evaporation from the surface of the pool will cause heat loss and high levels of humidity inside the building.

Please note that the use of the correct type of pool thermal blanket will also substantially reduce evaporative water loss, filtration pump time and chemical use and therefore we would highly recommend it even if you are not interested in a heated pool.

3. How do I install my pool heating panels?

In order to ensure maximum system efficiency and full warranty coverage it is recommended that the system is installed by an authorized installer. Please contact us to find the installer closes to you. The installation manual is available for download on the specific product page.