AL-3000L Hot Water Storage Tank

AL-3000L Hot Water Storage Tank

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ITS is the exclusive distributor of Reflex hot water storage tanks in South Africa. Reflex tanks are made by Winkelmann Germany that is considered by many as being the top tank manufacturer in the world. These tanks are ideal for higher demand residential and commercial hot water installations.


Key Features:

Model AL 3000/R3_C

  • Storage tank for potable hot water.
  • Heavy duty S235JRG2 (RSt 37-2) quality steel.
  • Corrosion resistant glass-lined (enamelled) tank according to German DIN 4753.
  • Magnesium anode rod(s) for tank protection.
  • Factory mounted thermometer.
  • Up to 500L: rECOflex insulation system with foil outer jacket.
  • From 750L: High quality removable fleece jacket with foil shell.
  • Ideal for heat pump and direct solar hot water systems.
  • Several electrical heating elements options available.
  • Dedicated ring main return port ensures optimal hot water delivery.
  • Multiple thermostat pockets.
  • Ideal for installing in parallel to create larger storage volumes with redundancy.
  • Clean-out and inspection access opening.
  • Electronic maintenance free anodes available.
  • Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. operating temperature: 95°C
  • 5 year warranty with greater than 15 year life expectancy when fitted with electronic anode.

Additional information

Model Number

AL 3000/R3_C



Max Operating Pressure

10 bar

Max Operating Temperature



1200mm/1440 mm


2800mm/2876 mm

Net Weight

635 kg

Cold & Hot Water Port Size

R 2”

Hot Water Loading Port Size

R 2”

Ring Main Port Size

R 1 ¼”

Insulation Thickness

120 mm




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