Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panels (Large)

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panels (Large)


Arguably, the best pool heating panel in the world!

Get the most enjoyment out of your pool:

  1. The most cost effective way to heat your pool.
  2. Proven life expectancy of more than 20 years with a 10 year warrantee.
  3. Why use solar to heat your pool?
  4. Why Heliocol?
  5. How many panels will I need and what temperature will it reach?
  6. Kit includes HC 40 Panel (3.2m x 1.2m), end caps, CPVC set, PPC set, non-return valve, vacuum breaker, mounting strapping and 3 x 50mm ball valves.
  7. ITS is the sole agent for Heliocol in South Africa.

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Key Features:

Model HC40

  • Extend your swim season and get the most enjoyment out of your pool
  • More than double the output power of most similar sized panels
  • Less than half the roof space needed compare to most similar sized panels
  • Best-selling and most professional pool collector globally
  • Header and riser of identical material over-molded as one unit – no welds, joints or grommets.
  • Open riser design eliminates moisture build-up under the collector preventing roof deterioration.
  • Corrosion proof
  • Environmentally safe
  • Frost resistant
  • High wind and load capabilities
  • ISO 9002 Certified factory
  • Only panel in SA tested by SABS against hail damage
  • 10 year warranty on panels
  • > 20 years proven life expectancy in South Africa

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Solar Pool Peating Panels – How Does It Work?2021-03-26T11:06:09+02:00

Swimming pool water is pumped through the pool panels (usually with the existing pool filtration pump) when the sun is shining resulting in the water getting heated. The panels should ideally be installed in a sunny north facing area (like on a roof) and the total panel surface area would usually be about half the swimming pool surface area.

Do I Need A Pool Blanket?2021-03-26T10:58:06+02:00

The thermal losses on the surface of a pool is significant and even a slight breeze blowing over the surface of the pool can drastically cool down the pool. It is therefore very important to always use a thermal pool blanket to cover the pool when not in use even if it is an indoor swimming pool. If for some reason a thermal pool blanket can’t be used you would need to install more heating panels and the usable days per year will be reduced. Please note that the use of the correct type of pool thermal blanket will seriously reduce evaporative water loss, filtration pump time and chemical use and therefore we would highly recommend it even if you are not interested in a heated pool.

Do I Need A Heating Panel Bypass Valve?2021-03-26T11:05:55+02:00

A bypass valve will have a significant impact on the pool temperature. If the pool water is pumped via the heating panels on a cold day it might actually cool down the swimming pool. Therefore having a bypass valve enables you to only pump via the heating panels on warm days. It also is needed to prevent overheating. If you for example like the water to not be warmer than 28°C, the panels need to be bypassed once the pool reaches temperature.

Is an Automatic Bypass Valve Available?2021-03-26T11:05:41+02:00

Yes, ITS sells a high quality differential temperature controlled automatic bypass valve. The controller will bypass the heating panels when the panel temperature is colder than the pool water temperature or when the pool has reached the desired setpoint temperature. This setup really ensures you get the most out of your heating panels.

How Long Will it Take To Install?2021-03-26T11:05:23+02:00

On average it takes a day to install a solar pool heating system.

How Hot Can Solar Pool Heating Panels Make The Water?2021-03-26T10:58:06+02:00

This depends very much on the sizing of the system, if a pool blanket is used and the ambient temperature. Temperature of 40°C is possible but most systems are designed for the 25°C to 30°C range.

How Much Maintenance and Service is Required?2021-03-26T11:04:59+02:00

The pool panels are designed to be maintenance free but an annual cleaning and inspection is not a bad idea.

What are the Advantages of Solar Collectors Over Heat Pumps?2021-03-26T11:04:38+02:00

The main advantages of a solar pool heating panels is that it does not use electricity. If you are simply looking for a system to make your pool very pleasant for 6 to 9 months of the year and you’r not interested in swimming in the middel of winter then pool heating panels is the best. Of course you must also have enough space for all the pool heating panels (usually on the roof). A high quality solar panel like Heliocol requires much less roof space than most other panels on the market and has a longer life expectancy.

What is the Life Expectancy of Solar Pool Heating Panels?2021-03-26T11:04:01+02:00

Most solar pool heating panels on the market will not last 5 years and that is why we only supply Heliocol panels. Heliocol is the top panel internationally with a 10 year warrantee and more than 20 year proven life expectancy.


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  1. Why use solar to heat your pool?
  2. How solar pool heating works?
  3. Why choose the Heliocol brand solar pool heating panels?
  4. What pool temperatures will I be getting from my Heliocol solar system?
  5. How to size a solar system to heat your pool effectively?
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