Agricultural & Aquacultural Heating Systems

Optimising Growing Conditions of Plants and Fish

A warm growing medium is often essential to the enhanced growth and maturation of plants and fish. Agrimat Polypropolene heat exchangers, specifically designed to work well in rough environmental conditions, in combination with ITS solar collectors or heat pumps offer the optimal solution for temperature regulation and control. High resistance to corrosion, lime-scale, salts and fertilizers make plastic the ideal choice.

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Agrimat – Root Zone Heating System for Greenhouses

A homogeneous mat of sleek Polypropylene panels, comprising of numerous tubes seamlessly joined together by a patented over-molding injection technology, is installed at the base of the growing units. Hot water running through the tubes yields a uniform heat at the selected medium temperature that speeds up the growing processes.

Features & Advantages of Agrimat System

  • Constant and controlled temperature throughout the root zone
  • Safe and economical positioning of all types of growing trays
  • Energy-saving system for heating greenhouse space during the cold season
  • Flexibility and simple assembly and dismantling
  • Growing units can also be used without the heating system
  • Easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Can handle a working pressure of up to 4 Bar at 60º C
  • Modular design for easy scaling

Marine Aquaculture

Solar Collectors, Heat Pumps and Heat Exchangers for Heating and Cooling Aquaculture Water Ponds

More efficient and economical artificial growing facilities utilizing solar energy are gradually replacing traditional fishing. Creation of an optimal environment demands that natural conditions (simulating the sea) be replicated together with highly advanced temperature control. The immersion of Agrimat Polypropylene heat exchangers into the cultivating pond is the ideal solution.

Features & Advantages of Marine Aquaculture

  • Effectively heat large quantities of water to the desired temperatures

  • Safe, clean, non-corrosive – no risk and dangerous chemicals or rust discharge

  • Regulation of water temperature/capacity maintains uniform/accurate conditions

  • Aesthetically, the product integrates beautifully with the existing pond

  • Direct solar seawater heating reduces energy costs

  • Modular design for easy scaling

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