Heliocol Bulk & Pre-Heating Water Heating Systems

for Commercial and Industrial Facilities
– serious reduction in electricity consumption cost!

About Our Commercial Heating Solutions

Our bulk and pre-heating solar water heating solutions are designed to supply large quantities of sanitary heated water to hospitals, hotels, resorts, apartment blocks, tanneries, abattoirs etc. We import the Heliocol solar panel which is a cutting edge solar thermal energy collector for industrial installations that require large amounts of hot water. Clean and safe solar energy is inexhaustible. These systems drastically reduce the consumption of harmful fossil fuels and therefore your carbon footprint.

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Why Use Heliocol Heating Systems?

  • Serious reduction of the heating expenses

  • You get a savings of between 30% to 60% in fuel consumption costs

  • Decrease in greenhouse gases and other pollutant emissions

  • Conservation of finite natural resources

  • Highly economical – virtually maintenance free

  • Heliocol is engineered by the leaders in green energy, Magen eco-Energy

Commercial Hot Water Solutions

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Solutions for all your water heating needs

Pre-Heating Solar System

Pre-Heating Solar System

Benefits and Advantages of our Heating Systems

  • Magen Eco-Energy’s polymetric material has an excellent resistance to chemical substances and is impervious to corrosion and scaling.

  • Specially designed to endure ultra-violet radiation and to withstand harsh weather conditions for a very long time.

  • No special installation infrastructure or periodic cleaning required, and it is virtually maintenance free. Weight per area unit is extremely low.

  • In comparison with the higher costs of Metal or Vacuum tube systems, a Polymetric system has a relatively low cost versus high benefits and performance – that offers a very swift ROI.

  • Each solar collector consists of numerous thin tubes, designed to work at high water capacities and to sustain even the strongest winds.

  • Manufactured by Magen Eco-Energy’s unique, patented Over-Moulding Injection Technology results in a seamless, leak-proof, integrally moulded polymeric unit.

  • 10 year warranty for the solar collectors and a proven life expectancy of more than 20 years.

How Do Our Bulk Water Heating System Work?

A typical pre-heating system is connected into a solar storage tank where the cold water feed is plumbed in. Even if your system is not identical to the one shown, the illustration can help you understand the flow of water from the solar storage tank, through the solar system and back to the solar storage tank, then to be used in various sanitary water applications. A backup (gas, electrical or heat pump) heater is installed to help increase the water temperature in the winter months.

Solutions for all your water heating needs

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We offer a complete solution of cost-effective and energy-saving heating solutions for home and business.

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