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ITS heat pumps are cutting edge technology renewable energy water heating products. Even though this technology has been used in South Africa for many decades the constant increase in global demand has brought the component costs down making the product extremely affordable for residential and commercial users. Using a refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy) can provide you with piping hot water day and night, winter and summer at a fraction of the cost of electrical geyser element heating. We do not know what the stock market will do in the future, but we do know an ITS heat pump is one of the best financial investments out there and will pay for itself many times over.

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Why Choose an ITS Brand Pool Heat Pump?

There are many different makes of pool heat pumps on the market but there are few that come close to the ITS brand.

  • Efficiency:
    ITS pool heat pumps boasts class leading efficiency ensuring the lowest operating costs for our clients. Our new full inverter technology can reach unrivalled COPs.

  • Durability:
    High quality components, durability focused mechanical design and world class production facilities and procedures ensure a product that ITS heat pumps will outlast the rest.

  • Professional Design and Installation:
    The ITS dealer network supported by the ITS technical design team assure you a quality, well-engineered and worry-free installation from start to finish.

  • Warranty Leadership:
    ITS pool heat pumps boast a limited extended 5 year warranty backed by nationwide ITS branches.

How Does a Pool Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump works like an air conditioning unit in reverse.

Solar vs Heat Pump Energy Savings

Overview and practical examples.

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