Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

ITS is the Exclusive Importer & Distributor for Heliocol in South Africa

There are many different makes of solar pool heating panels on the market but there is nothing that even comes close to Heliocol.
The following video shows how Heliocol is produced:

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Benefits of Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panels

  • Efficiency

  • Half the Roof Space Needed
  • Flexibility
  • Warranty Leadership

  • Hail Resistance

  • Experience and Certifications

  • Professional Design and Installation

Heliocol Solar Panels

Heliocol solar pool heating collectors has been imported into South Africa, by Associated Solar Industries (Pty) Ltd (a subsidiary of ITS Heat Pumps) since 1990. We import the Heliocol solar panel directly from Israel where it has been in continuously manufacturing (since 1977) by Magen eco-Energy, a company that is one of the world’s leading solar manufacturing companies and that has pioneered a unique polypropylene over-molding process. Heliocol is also the most widely distributed solar panel around the world and is number 1 by volume sales. Heliocol Solar Pool Heating collectors have been engineered with unique features that offer state of the art technology using quality fittings and materials that will last you for many, many years.

Why Use Solar to Heat Your Swimming Pool?

  • Solar pool heating is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of heating your pool.

  • A good solar heating system will cost you absolutely nothing extra to run, other than the running of a normal pool circulating pump, which you already use every day.

  • A good solar pool heating system is virtually maintenance free.

  • A Heliocol solar pool heating system will extend a swimming season by 4-5 months a year, providing up to 9 months of excellent pool usage depending on weather and location.

  • The savings in running costs when compared to electrical heaters can provide a rapid return of capital expenditure.

  • These savings guarantee the solar pool heating system will pay for itself many times during its life.

Sizing a Solar Pool System

When sizing a solar pool heating system that would suite your needs we take many factors into consideration.

How It Works

How a Solar Pool Heating System Works
  • A typical solar pool heating system is plumbed into the existing pool plumbing.

  • The existing pool filter pump, pumps water from the pool through the solar pool heating panel.

  • The sun-warmed water then flows back into your pool, heating it to your desired temperature.

The following video shows the installation and operation:

Installation Gallery

Here are just a few of our numerous commercial solar pool systems.

34 Heliocol Panels - Midstream Estate Gym

34 Heliocol Panels
Midstream Estate Gym

60 Heliocol Panels - La Salle College

60 Heliocol Panels
La Salle College

88 Heliocol Panels - Woodhill College

88 Heliocol Panels
Woodhill College

98 Heliocol Panels - Pretoria University

98 Heliocol Panels
Pretoria University

Pool Temperature Usage Chart

What Pool Temperatures will I be getting from my Heliocol Solar System?

Depending on the season and if the pool has a thermal blanket on or not, you should be getting between a 6°C to 13°C increase in your swimming pool water temperature. The pool temperature / usage chart, indicates the temperatures you will be able to achieve with a correctly installed Heliocol solar pool heating system.

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