Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Solutions

The energy required to heat water or any other fluid often makes up a considerable part of the electricity bill.

By Incorporating a Solar or Heat Pump Heating System, the following can be achieved:

  • A drastic reduction in electrical consumption

  • Peak electricity demand reduction

  • Lessening the impact of load shedding

  • Much improved carbon footprint

Apart from the obvious saving by using less electricity, a peak electricity demand reduction will free up “Amps” on the distribution board that can be used for expansion and could also potentially enable the client to change to another Eskom tariff structure that has a much lower monthly availability charge.

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Hotel Water Heating

Heat pumps and solar can also be used as pre-heaters to do the bulk of the energy required for steam generation and is therefore not limited to lower temperature applications.

ITS have been involved in the design and equipment supply of many industrial scale systems ranging from hot water systems for some of the top hotels in the country to much more complex systems for various industrial processes and large-scale heating for agricultural purposes. In many industrial applications these systems will provide an astonishing return on investment of less than one year which should make it a no-brainer.

Please give ITS a call and our engineering team can assist in finding the right solution for your application and do a cost saving estimation.

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