1. A pool thermal blanket must be used. Pools without a thermal blanket on, or pools that will be uncovered for most of the day, could require heat pumps more than double the size calculated in the above. The higher the required pool temperature is above the ambient temperature and the more wind over the surface of the pool, the greater the energy required.
  2. Summertime use is defined as more or less September to March pool use.
  3. A pool filtration pump run time (heat pump run time) of up to 12 hours per day might be required. For a shorter daily runtime the heat pump size should be increased.
  4. A 15°C water temp increase implies that if the unheated pool is, for example, currently at 16°C, the heat pump will be able to heat that pool to 31°C (16°C + 15°C).
  5. Indoor pools also require a thermal blanket. Without a thermal blanket the pool heat pump wil try and heat the pool and the room, requiring a lot more power and causing high humidity/water condensation in the room.
  6. Inverter pool heat pumps only become more efficient than standard heat pumps when not running at 100% output power. Therefore we recommend going as big as the budget or power connections allows for.

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